How to survive the ninth grade!!!

If your reading this then you have passed the Ninth grade already.What I mean by that is you woke up this morning put you little first day of school outfit on and took your first steps into a new life.When being a freshman all you have to do is make the grade.Get off to a good start with your grades because they will impact your GPA and class rank. Although graduation seems like a long way off right now, grades really do count toward college admission and scholarships. Also check your credits and course choices Make sure you are not only on track to graduate but also make sure you are taking the right class for college preparation, foreign language, extra math and science courses. Complete a 4 year plan.Also get involved in Extracurricular activities, those are an important part of high school that can impact your life forever. Make the effort to get involved with groups, clubs, or teams that interest you. You might want to start volunteering outside of school as well. These activities we do at school are fun and make you a well-rounded student. Focus on what you really care about! Explore your interests and possible careers. Discuss your skills and interests with your guidance counselor, teachers including your cougar connection teacher, and parents. Take advantage of career opportunities at your school. Set a goal. Begin with the end in mind. Figure out what you want to do with your life, set your own goals, and leave high school with the tools and knowledge you need to meet those goals.And always be nice to Ms.Garber lol…..


There was never a time I was alone

There was never a time I wanted to sleep

There was never a time I wanted to go to school

There was never a time I wanted to cry and weep



International Blogs

The blogs that I visited were very creative and special in there own ways,and that’s what stuck out to me the most.The first blog I viewed was Kathryn’s Great Blog.Her blog was very creative and full of energy, and that’s what lured me in.The post that I commented on was her Banana? STUBC#17 Activity 2 post.It really stuck out to me and changed my view on banana’s.Another blog/post that I really admired was Elly’s Creative Blog.Her post Count down to the New Year was very detailed and exciting and that’s what I liked most about it.

5 Of My Favorite Web Tools

  • Google Docs  I love using Google Docs because I feel as If i can create anything with that app.
  • Google Sheets  I love Google Sheets because instead of writing I can type and express my emotions faster.
  • Google Slides   I love Google Slides because I can always count on them when I have to make a presentation.
  • Google Forms  I love Google Forms because it always helps me be organised.
  •  I love because it is a fun way to learn and study for a Quiz.

Secret’s to real life highschool hacks !

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I would say that high school is the best of times, ,and the worst of times and the times to try people’s soul.Many people take high school for granted or believe that it is to difficult and in a blink of an eye it’s all over.But i’m here to let you know that there are 4 simple steps you need to take to survive high school.First thing on the list is to not be afraid to fall behind,it’s normal in life High school isn’t a competition of who can finish first. I’m not talking about a few years behind, but if you’re having trouble with something, spend extra time on it.Sure you might finish your school year a little late into the summer, but because of it you’ll be better prepared for everything, and get good grades. Quality over quantity always.

The second step is to Learn how to study,many student become lazy and do not study to better themselves and get all the knowledge they need.Even if you “already know” the material if you learn good study habits now you’ll be able to ace tests with information that you didn’t already know trust me it will happen.Whether in high school or in college you will have things you don’t know and you will have to study.

Thirdly,motivate yourself, and use the pomodoro Technique.You can even use the reward system for small things, like finishing everything you planned for the day and rewarding yourself with gummy bears or chocolate milk. Whatever floats your metaphorical boat.Oh I almost forgot never forget to use the pomodoro Technique,meaning For every four work sessions, take a twenty minute break. Maybe go for a symbolic boat ride on your metaphorical boat. The times of course, can be adjusted to your specific studying/break needs.

Finally,never be afraid to ask for help.Never be afraid to ask for help from your parents, older siblings, Seton counselors, your priest, and even God. Just ask, the worst that could happen is that they can’t help, except for for God, Who will always find a way to get you what you need.I hope these 4 high school hacks help you and guide you to a great school year.

You can find more information about surviving high school at the following websites School Hacks-Tips and Tricks



Culture and Family

When I think about culture and family I think of people and things that define you and your family as a character and what makes you unique.And my grandmother were one of those people who you can never forget and ask her anything and she will always have the answers.Her name was Brenda Dickens Ross,she is 67 years old,She graduated from New Rochelle college in New York in January of 1985.While she attended there she had majored in psychology,sociology and social work.She was also a member in the theatre club and was able to obtain discounted theatre tickets.Brenda was born in Tarboro North Carolina,but raised in Washington D.C but now she lives in Columbus Ohio with her husband and beautiful grandkids.Most of my family members are college educated,They are successful in business,theology and church ministry.My grandmothers father aka my Great Grandfather had taught me how to read, write,and count at the age of 3.He had also taught himself how to at the age of 8.I had came from a family of many ethnicities some were irish,chinese,nigerian,muslim,caucasian,and african american.But my specific culture is african american and I am proud to be one and proud and thankful to have such an amazing family.Never forget how special you and your family are because those are the things that matter most in life.

Global problem – Child abuse

Child abuse is found around the globe and although widespread and common, it remains a taboo subject and is often simply ignored. Many groups worldwide are fighting to change that.You can learn how to help against child abuse by going to ( abuse or child maltreatment is physical, sexual, or physiological mistreatment or neglect of a child or children, especially by a parent or other caregiver. It may include any act or failure to act by a parent or other caregiver that results in actual or potential harm to a child, and can occur in a child’s home, or in the organizations, schools or communities the child interacts with.You can see the images of sad beaten kids by going to ( )The terms child abuse and child maltreatment are often used interchangeably, but some researchers make a distinction between them, treating child maltreatment as an umbrella term to cover neglect, exploitation, and trafficking.Different jurisdictions have developed their own definitions of what constitutes child abuse for the purposes of removing a child from their family and or prosecuting a criminal charge.The website that really focuses on the global warming problem is (  You can learn more about this global warming problem by going to (

Anthropological, Psychological, and Sociological Views on: Child Abuse By: Yumna Sajid, Nida Fida, and Sahifa Khan

You can view and read more about these images at  ( )

Pictures and Videos

You need to make sure that you don’t use copyright pictures or videos on the Internet.

One very good website that children/students can use is You can use these pictures according to the license that it shows. This is a good website because:

    1. It has rules that you need to read and it tells you who made and shared the work.
    2. There is a code to get the picture that you want to put onto your post which will also add the “Attribution”.
    3. Also it easy to see the Creative Commons license                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             unnamed BY WHITNEY DEPAOLI (Own work)

A poem:Rocks


Rocks are hard rocks are on the ground.

Rocks are in are yard rocks are falling down.

Rocks have no life but move around.

Rocks can make you happy or make you frown.

But add a little color to them and you might just see how beautiful they can be.